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Making the Best of Your Most Valuable Asset

Making the Best of Your
Most Valuable Asset 
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A Business is only as Strong as its People

At Sales Development Solutions we believe that responsive, customised, need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one.

Investing in key individuals will reap rewards for your Company in terms of increased sales and profit.

Ongoing professional development is the single most important factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Our programme, designed especially for the Foodservice Equipment Industry, includes a wide range of topics, from helping employees take on greater responsibilities and manage different types of sales and reporting structures, to helping key leaders within your company set realistic and measurable goals, give timely and constructive feedback, communicate effectively, facilitate internal and external meetings and manage the performance of their teams.

We strongly suggest including key members from other departments in this programme, as well as your internal and external Sales teams. For instance, when highly focussed members of Sales Teams are backed up by an Accounts team (that understands the variety of customers and their requirements) and Engineers and Support teams (that are strong representatives of your brand) the resulting cohesion both within teams and interdepartmentally creates outstanding solidarity for your business.
























Sales Training and Development Programme

FEA and SDS have teamed up to present a

Sales Training and Development Programme, dedicated to

Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers.

It has been created to help companies reach and exceed their Strategic Objectives and ensure their sales force is fully engaged.

This programme is specifically aimed at businesses in the Foodservice Equipment Industry and is a direct response to the challenges that are being experienced as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

The current climate is forcing change and restructuring at operator level and with the equipment specification and supply chain.

This means that it is crucial for your business to

maximise the value of your most valuable asset - your people,

whether in direct or indirect sales roles.

We’ll work with you to build custom solutions that

drive your business forward, whilst ensuring that

workforce needs are understood and morale is increased.

Why SDS?


*We’re not only the designers and developers of the programme,

but also your trainers

    *We know the material and the industry inside out and,

once the training process starts, we modify and

tweak it in response to your feedback and needs   

*The focus is on the individual. We don’t believe in large group

sales trainings, as valuable people can hide in a crowd

and “one-size” cannot fit all

   * As opposed to the usual generic offering,

our training is Industry specific

   *Central throughout is SDS’ wealth of knowledge and

experience that’s so particular to the Foodservice Industry

Together, we have 40+ years of Sales experience in the

Food Service Equipment Market and 30+ years in

Personal Development and Mentoring.

That, combined with the vast experience of the FEA team, makes us sure we can help you.

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